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NOW 2007




Dirigido por Roz Mortimer, 2006, 63 ', VOSC 


A hypnotic journey into the heart of the Inuit community around the North Pole, where breast milk has been found to contain high concentrations of PCBs. This highly pollutant chemical is no longer manufactured in the United States, but Inuit mothers transmit it to their children through their consumption of such traditional foods as seal meat. If they cease to eat such foods or to breastfeed their children, much of their cultural heritage will be lost.

Miquel Ortega, co-coordinator of the magazine Ecologia Política, co-organiser of the "No et mengis el món" campaign, and member of the Observatori del Deute en la Globalització and the environmental innovation consultancy firm ENT - medi ambient i gestió p resents the documentary film.


Directors: Roz Mortimer

This activity is part of NOW. November - desember 2007, NOW 2007

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