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NOW 2007

(in)tangibles: nanoperception and quantum world


David Peat, one of the pioneers in connecting quantum physics and psychology, talks with artist Victoria Vesna, who is concerned by the influence of scientific and technological innovation on the perception of reality.


Making what happens on a nanometric scale tangible with our senses makes us more aware of an implied order unknown in everyday life. In the art and science sphere, it is perception on different levels that can respond to the controversies between the material and the metaphysical which currently have both cultures trapped. An approach from the most subtle perception in artistic work to the precepts of quantum physics could replace reductionist materialism with a vision that allows a new focus on the art/science binomial, and also spirituality without dogmas for the contemporary world.

Moderators: Raquel Paricio

Participants: Raquel Paricio, F. David Peat, Victoria Vesna

This activity is part of NOW. March 2007, NOW 2007

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