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Xcèntric. 2010-2011

INAUGURATION OF SEASON 10 Xcèntric. The CCCB's cinema



Live: MANCHAS RESECAS. A Super-8 Odyssey (David Domingo a.k.a. Stanley Sunday a.k.a Davidson) Multiscreen showing in super 8 and 16 mm, followed by a session of music with Andrés Duque. Bar service.

“The scrubbing is never-ending... I’m going to show you an endless stream of super 8 in a sticky, purring session, with a load of projectors to fill the screen and devour each other on it. Among many other things, you’ll see kids covering their T-shirts in mustard as they eat hotdogs and worried people scrubbing at those stains that never go away. All filmed with the usual skill of Stanley Sunday in splendid super 8 and 16 mm, and, as ever, accompanied by the best super-8 snippets stolen from here and there and the very best in music.” David Domingo


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