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In time with the seasons!

Christmas Screenings

Audiovisuals + Education


A programme of four animated films and a cinematographic musical show especially for very young children; from 2 years of age but fun for all the family!

This cycle uses rhythm and music to journey through time and the different seasons. As a result, although the films have different subjects, they all revolve around nature, where existence is in harmony with the cyclical rhythm of life. These are worlds populated by small animals, trees and endearing characters where music can be both an essential part of the story and also the narrative force of the animated tale. The stories take into account how young children follow narrative and highlight issues such as friendship, respect for nature and animals and the joy of living.

All the films are shown dubbed into Catalan with subtitles to help children with hearing difficulties.

Songs for Small Children and Animals

27 December 17.00 and 4 January 12.00 | Live show

Linda Hambäck and Marika Heidebäck, Sweden, 2014, 35’.
Suitable from 2 years of age

Based on Lena Sjöberg’s acclaimed book of the same title, this animated film features a number of stories about animal life, friendship and complicity. A declaration of love; the relationship between young and old, and the longing for wonderful, fantastic adventures.
Songs for Small Children and Animals is an opportunity for parents to share in the experience of their children’s very first cinema show. 12 animated stories accompanied by the original songs sung live by Elena Tarrats.

Snow and the Magic Trees (Neige et les arbres magiques)

28 December 12.00

Benoît Chieux (Tigers Tied Up in One Rope), Chaïtane Conversat (The Little Seed), Yulia Aronova (One, Two, Tree), Antoine Lanciaux and Sophie Roze (Snow), France, 2015, 51’.
Suitable from 4 years of age

The four stories that make up this film begin with Tigers Tied Up in One Rope, starring a very lazy boy who uses his ingenuity to put the wild beasts at his mercy. The Little Seed tells the story, without words, of a girl and her magic clothes. One, Two, Tree uses purely music to explain the adventures of a tree that one day starts walking. Finally, in Snow, some children on an excursion get caught by a snowstorm and Philémon discovers that an Inuit family has settled near his house. All linked by a theme that revolves around nature and trees and by the rich poetry of their images and graphics, this Snow and the Magic Trees quartet of stories (by the prestigious animation studio Folimage) makes us smile with its tenderness and reminds us of when things and people would swap roles. Four unforgettable stories about ingenuity, friendship, respect and the joy of living together with nature.

Winter and Spring in the Kingdom of Escampette (L’hiver de Léon and Le printemps de Mélie)

29 December 12.00

Pierre-Luc Granjon and Pascal Le Nôtre, France, 2008, 52’.
Suitable from 4 years of age

Winter falls on the kingdom and the Ogre of the mountains kidnaps the beautiful Princess Molly Gingerbread. Thanks to Léon and his friends, they all return home safe and sound. But in spring, someone poisons the city’s water and they have to find out who’s inflicted the belly-inflating disease on the townsfolk before they can celebrate Carnival.

Summer and Autumn in the Kingdom of Escampette (L’été de Boniface and l’automne de Pougne)

2 January 12.00

Pierre-Luc Granjon, Antoine Lanciaux, France, 2008, 52’.
Suitable from 4 years of age

During the summer nights, Bonifacio pays his respects to Queen Héloïse and her daughter, Princess Molly, but her friends want to stop the Queen from marrying this teller of tall tales. In autumn, when the legends are erased from the books of Escampette, they embark on a thousand adventures to break their boredom and also the curse of Boniface and the unicorn’s horn. Two separate stop-motion animated films that have the same inimitable and endearing protagonists: Léon, a young bear adopted by a couple of beekeepers who’s going through a complicated pre-adolescence, the scoundrel Bonifacio, Princess Molly Gingerbread, the elephant Hannibal and Poppety, the grumpy hedgehog. With a series of fantastic adventures, they embark on a delightful journey through the four seasons of the year to find their way home. Contact with nature and the different seasons, friendship, love, adoption (Léon is adopted and the elephant Hannibal wants to adopt a fish), new family relationships (the King and Queen are separated) and overcoming stereotypes (Princess Molly is brave and daring, often making the first move) are important themes in the stories of these characters.

The Wind in the Reeds (Le vent dans les roseaux)

3 January 17.00

Nicolas Liguori and Arnaud Demuynck, France, Belgium and Switzerland, 2017, 62’.
Suitable from 5 years of age

Five adventures about freedom with original music, surprising heroines and an extraordinary graphic quality. The funny girl who wants to play knights in Daisies and Dragon, the friendship between a princess and a female dragon in Dragon Hunt, the beautiful stars in The Little Girl and the Night, a fantastic little animal’s desire to be free in The Unicorn and the battle to become free from tyranny in The Wind in the Reeds make up a series of short films that represents a wonderful celebration of freedom and a rejection of gender stereotypes.

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