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AI: Artificial Intelligence

IActualitza’m! / Update Me with AI!

Self-playing family visit to the exhibition AI. Artificial Intelligence


Accompany the AIssistant to discover the secrets of artificial intelligence. Can you complete all the challenges to update it? Bring the family to play in the exhibition AI. Artificial Intelligence. IActualitza’m/Update Me with AI is a game of clues that lets you discover the secrets of AI through games and puzzles.

What is artificial intelligence? How does it work? Is AI intelligent? How does a machine learn? How can we collaborate with AI in art or science? We invite you to embark on a journey into the mysteries of artificial intelligence, a playful visit to the exhibition AI. Artificial Intelligence. A map shows the places where you need to stop, and games and riddles are presented so that families and kids can learn how AI works in a fun, playful way!

If you come as a family to visit the exhibition, ask at the CCCB ticket desk for the materials you need. You’ll see that it’s very easy to play on your own!

Curators: Núria Nia

This activity is part of AI: Artificial Intelligence

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