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I+C+i. Research and innovation in the cultural sphere

I+C+i. A revolution of education?


10 a.m. – 2 p.m. // WORKSHOP “Towards a creative education”. With Sergi Jordà, Daniel Gallardo, Carles F. Julià,Sebastián Mealla and Giovanni Maria Troiano

How could we take advantage of digital technologies to educate in and for creativity? How could these technologies help us develop a type of education that encourages exploration and creation, and that places the search and discovery of interesting problems and questions above the formulation of univocally correct answers?

These are some of the issues to be considered by this workshop, whose main objective is to offer a glimpse of some of the possibilities that current digital technologies could hold in store for us, in the sphere of “creative education". For this, the workshop will be developed through four phases.

  1. Presentation of cases, of both potential technologies and educational proposals alike, with special emphasis on the physicality, naturalness and transparency of these technologies, which would allow new forms of interaction and new focuses, far removed from screens, keyboards and mice.

  2. Creation of work groups, with different objectives, depending on the interests, preferences and specialities of the participants. The groups will be able to choose between more theoretical discussions, or the conceptual design of applications for creative education using different “sketching” technologies, or a practical introduction to some of these technologies.

  3. Explanation of work carried out Each group will have 10 minutes to explain the work process they have developed and their initial conclusions.

. Before the discussion, there will be a review featuring some global conclusions, pointing to possible future lines of work.

7 p.m. to 9 p.m. // DEBATE “The challenges and needs of education today”.
With Sergi Jordà, Nik Gaffney and Lali Bosch

Are we facing a necessary revolution in education or would it be enough, to the contrary, for us to be aware that education must be in constant evolution? To what measure is today’s society – which is in part a result of current technology – demanding a change of paradigm? To what extent are new technologies making this change possible and to what point do possibilities and needs converge or diverge?

These are some of the background questions to inspire a discussion among digital creators concerned about education, at a moment in history in which the educational system created in and for the Industrial Revolution may no longer be of use, not only because there are other possibilities but, above all, because social needs are now very different.

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I+C+i. A revolution of education?

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