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Habitació 1418

Habitació 1418

Dance. Turning Worlds Dance Company. Quantum2

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This Saturday we will attend the show Quantum2 in which dance and music interact using body tracking and sensing technologies that allow the dancers’ movements to control the live music. The compositional framework is, in part, an open system. Quantum2brings together substances and transience, bodies and technologies, form and imagination, to respond to the universe revealed by quantum mechanics.


The project started out with collaborative research between Sam Aaron of the Computer Laboratory at Cambridge University and a city dance collective in response to a commission from the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. The project went on to work with master’s degree students at the University of Hertfordshire and is complemented with Kinnect technology innovations by Richard Hoadley at Anglia Ruskin University. The performance forms part of the Living MACBA programme.  

This activity is part of Habitació 1418 (2014), Habitació 1418

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