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Graphic Constellation

"Graphic Constellation" for people with deafness

Guided tour with sign language interpretation service


A guided tour inside the exhibition and then a small workshop that brings us closer to the language of comics. With an interpretation service in Catalan sign language for deaf people and their relatives.

Come and meet 9 young avant-garde comic authors: Bárbara Alca, Marta Cartu, Genie Espinosa, Ana Galvañ, Nadia Hafid, Conxita Herrero, María Medem, Miriampersand and Roberta Vázquez.

How are their comics?

With the creations of these authors we will get to know a diversity of languages, aesthetic registers and cultural references. Through the use of color, graphics or stylistic and narrative experimentation, they have all called into question the canonical forms of comics. His creations also cross the comics and have life in other artistic supports such as ceramics, tapestries and animations.

What are the stories about?

The exhibition puts the work of the authors in context with the themes of millennial reality such as economic and labor insecurity, the disappearance of stability, the relationship with technology, sorority or relationships on the Internet.

How have they published their comics?

Most authors have self-published their books in publishing houses and small presses and many present their comics at self-published book fairs. They are a group of artists who work outside the usual circuits and the exhibition invites you to get to know this professional sector.

What will we see?

In the exhibition we will see original material from the authors, interviews with each of them and other work material. But "Graphic Constellation" bets on exhibiting the comic in an innovative and unconventional way, in which the comics and the characters from the books invade the exhibition space through nine installations that the artists have imagined expressly for on occasion.


You can purchase the ticket individually on the proposed dates or arrange a visit for an organized group of up to 10 people on a date to be agreed.

Interpretation by FESOCA.

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