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Gandules'14 - Gas Natural Fenosa

I am from ChileI am from Chile



I am from Chile
Gonzalo Díaz
2013, Chile, Blu-ray, 108’, Spanish subtitles
Santiago de Chile International Festival SANFIC – Official Section

Salvador is the nephew and new tenant of María, a Chilean woman who has lived in London since the late 1970s. The film tells how Salvador adapts to his new home, which he shares with Russian, Japanese, Chilean and Spanish flatmates. Unexpected economic hardship suddenly turns what was meant to be a pleasure trip to Europe into a struggle to get by. Culture shock and bad luck make Salvador’s experience far more profound and surprising than he could have expected. Premiere in Spain.

Olaia Sendón

2014, Spain, video, 7’ 56”, VOSE
Finalist of the Short Film Competition Gandules'14

Michal has lived in four different countries, learning their languages and sharing their customs. Each has generated a series of experiences that have formed him as an individual. But when asked where he’s from, what does he say?

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 complete programme of Gandules'14 - Gas Natural Fenosa. This August you will also find in Filmin’s website a great selection of films based on the topic Away from Home.

This activity is part of Gandules'14 - Gas Natural Fenosa, Gandules

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