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Dissecting trash and Trash al fresco

Audiovisuals + Festivals

As part of the exhibition Trash cultures, the CCCB presents the programming of cinema Gandules'03.


Neighbourood cinema double bills were the closest local equivalent to the culture of self-cinema which, in a North American setting, led to the emergence of a model of insubordinate, playful and participatory spectator who, in the long run, was to become the ideal consumer of trash culture. The Gandules'03 summertime programme offers a cycle in the form of a collection of double sessions that pay homage to the most varied cinematographic manifestations of 'trash'.

Films like The Producers by Mel Brooks, Guns on the Clackamas by Bill Plympton, Ed Wood by Tim Burton or The Independent by Stephen Kessler, all of them fun reflections on the nature of trash as art, will accompany titles by legendary trash artists such as Doris Wishman, José Mojica Marins, Armando Bo and Ed Wood, Jr. himself, in the context of double bills for the festive, insubordinate behaviour of all kinds of spectators.

Dissecting trash and Trash al fresco, two cycles united by the ritual format that first turned us into film buffs (or mutant spectators): the double bill. A fun look at the backroom of Trash Culture accompanied by a Z movie, warts and all: extreme emotions in the open air to release the riotous spectator that lurks within us all.

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