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FORA DE PROGRAMA Presents Historias (Stories)



La Cinemathèque de Tánger has produced Historias (Stories), a series of short films produced prior to the Arab Spring of 2011, examining the recent history of countries such as Libya, Tunisia and Morocco.

These are stories about secrecy, political commitment, terrorism, revolutions and civil wars…, told by those who lived through them, and are intended for directors of the new generation. Stories that remind us about what happened in our period, and at the same time, that allow us to question the information surrounding the political and historical events.

The revolutions of 2011 demonstrated the strength of online social networks. Individuals become narrators, telling and recounting events using personal photos and texts, placing the information we receive from traditional media under scrutiny.


7 p.m. Presentation by Alternativas Europeas Barcelona. With Mohamed Serifi Villar, Sociologist from Tangiers.

7.15 p.m. Screenings (total 110 mins)

La Cinematèque de Tánger
Morocco, 2008, 5 min

Untitled by Neil Beloufa
Algeria/France, 2010, 15 min

My father is still a communist by Ahmad Ghossein
Lebanon/UAE 2011, 32 min

Wanted by Ali Essafi
Lebanon/UAE 2011, 20 min

The Story of Milk and Honey by Basma Al Sharif
Palestine, 2011, 10 min

Living Room by Danielle Arbid
Lebanon, 2004, 28 min

Following the screenings, the debate:

Democratic processes in the Arab world. Reflections on other forms of political participation, using knowledge of the democratic processes in the Arab world. With Mohamed Serifi Villar (Sociologist) Carme Colomina (Journalist and Correspondent for in Cairo), Toni Serra (Video producer and member of the UFO files) and Ferran Izquierdo Brichs (UAB Academic, International Public Law and International Relations).

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