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Xcèntric. 2010-2011

Film Dialogues: Albert Triviño and Nick Hamlyn


Albert Triviño met Nick Hamlyn while studying at the University for the Creative Arts in Maidstone, England, where the theorist and filmmaker was his tutor. Their work shares reflection on the cinematographic medium, on the possibilities and nature of the moving image and the elements that make up and inform it (light, the frame, the screen, the projector). The session comprises two parts: one in which Triviño presents a selection of his super-8 works, which he considers fieldwork or “notes”, and a second in which he and Hamlyn screen and comment on each other’s works (in super 8 and 16 mm).

[In collaboration with BCN Producció ’10 / La Capella / Institut de Cultura de Barcelona]

Lighthouse, 2010, 3’
50 feet zoom, 2010, 3’
Pigeons, 2008, 3’
Bombolles, 2009, 3’
Apples, 2009, 3’
Las Vegas, 2008, 3’
Chillida, A. Triviño, 2009, super 8, silent, 3’
Power Hub N. Hamlyn, 2009, 16 mm, silent, 6’
Promenade, A. Triviño, 2009, super 8, silent, 3’
Clapping N. Hamlyn, 2006, video, 1’
Bricks, A. Triviño, 2008, super 8, silent, 3’
Penumbra N. Hamlyn, 2003, 16 mm, silent, 9’
Roma A. Triviño, 2008, super 8, silent, 3’
Panni N. Hamlyn, 2005, 16 mm, silent, 3
Hole, N. Hamlyn, 1992, 2’
Pro Agri, N. Hamlyn, 2008, 3’
Self-awareness, A. Triviño, 2010, loop
Mosaic A. Triviño, 2010, loop.

Directors: Albert Triviño, Nicky Hamlyn

This activity is part of Xcèntric. Novembre 2010 - January 2011, Xcèntric. 2010-2011

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