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Inside the brain

"Ex Machina" by Alex Garland

Screening and talk by Ana Freire


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Session five of the "Inside the Brain" film cycle reflects on the ethical limits of artificial intelligence, with the screening of Ex Machina by Alex Garland, followed by a talk by Ana Freire.

Caleb, a young programmer working for one of the biggest internet companies in the world, is chosen to spend a week with his company's CEO to test its latest big project: Ava, involving advanced artificial intelligence.

Ex Machina, Alex Garland, 2015, UK, 108', Subtitled in Spanish

This film was the first to be directed by Alex Garland, a well-known figure in the world of American science fiction cinema. The film won the Oscar for best visual effects and was nominated for best original screenplay.

Ex Machina is representative of the new formal proposals that are being developed to tell science fiction stories. Garland opts for a minimalist mise-en-scène, distancing himself from the spectacular nature of the big Hollywood productions of the genre.

This approach to filming is due to the director's desire to show a reality that's closer to us than we think, making the spectator identify with an artificial intelligence because of its human attributes. In this way, the film provides a profound reflection on the role of corporeality in the conception of human identity.

After the screening there will be a talk, open to the public, by Ana Freire (PhD in Computer Engineering, lecturer and researcher at Pompeu Fabra University).

Participants: Ana Freire

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