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Cinema 3/99

Everything is coloured

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In this encounter with Cinema 3/99 we use a box of pencils and watercolours to add colour to the grey tones dominating our urban environments. Abstractly or figuratively, ranging from pure fantasy to the most commonplace, through tonal coincidences and randomness, the films in this session invite us to see and think about the range of colours life presents to us every day. The programme is accompanied by a commissioned piece by the Galician artist Mariquiña Díaz.

Hudson and Troop "Against the Grain", Dropbear, Australia, 2011, 3 min.

Coloured pencils take advantage of the times when no-one's looking to choreograph dances in the style of vintage Hollywood musicals. Here's a rare glimpse of their dances and games.

Coloured pencils [Värvipliiatsid], Avo Paistik. Estonia, 1973, 9 min.

Can you imagine a world without colours? In this film, an evil black pencil resorts to a thousand stratagems to swallow up all the other colours. But perhaps the key lies in friendship and collaboration. Because even though it may not look like it, black is also a colour.

Boogodobiegodongo, Peter Millard, United Kingdom, 2013, 4 min.

Welcome to Boogodobiegodongo, a very strange country invented and coloured with paints by Peter Millard, an animated show of amorphous beings having hilarious but incomprehensible conversations in yellow-blue-orange-pink-green.

Floues et colorées, Isabelle Cornaro, France, 2010, silent, 3 min.

A moment of airbrushed calm in a hypnotic progression of colourful fluids that gradually create different batik patterns before our eyes.

Swanee, Jeff Scher, United States, 2019, 2 min.

A cascade of bright shapes on a black background parades across the screen, like the score of an imaginary pianola that can read colours as if they were musical notes.

Ginko Yellow, Amy Halpern, United States, 2022, silent, 5 min. 

If you really look at it, the world is full of yellow things such as the colour of the leaves of the ginko, a tree whose Chinese name means "silver apricot" and which has been around for 290 million years. And another charismatic yellow creature, whom we meet in this film, has also been around for a number of years.

The Colors, Abbas Kiarostami, Iran, 1976, 16 min.

The director of Taste of Cherry and Where is the Friend's House? also made a large number of educational films with the same sensitivity and imagination as the rest of his work. In this film, he presents seven colours through different objects, plants, flowers and animals, and through the adventures and fantasies of a little boy, in a film full of imagination, humour and formal beauty.

Los colores se juntan, Mariquiña Díaz, Spain, 2024, 4 min.

This film takes us on a stroll through the city with our eyes wide open to all the chance encounters between colours that occur in our daily lives, such as the yellow of letterboxes, plastic containers, a banana and a carnival wig, or the green of the leaves on the trees, a dress and parking zones for residents. A chromatic parade that invites us to experience the thrill of discovery by observing the random interrelationships in our everyday surroundings

A programme by Elena Duque with contributions by Gloria Vilches. 

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