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Xcèntric. 2007-2008

Eugeni Bonet, “val-del-omarià” medium

Invisible Cinema


We present one of the early works of José Val del Omar (1904-1982), made before his well-known, monumental Tríptico elemental de España. In Vibración en Granada we can already see characteristics that will accompany him throughout his "cinema believer" career, as he suggested himself.

Eugeni Bonet in Tira tu reloj al agua has managed to be impregnated with the philosophy of the grand master to make it a medium. Bonet, without a script and only from the material by Val del Omar himself, has masterfully built a new work full of mysticism and elements of the best and most influential experimental cinema, without ignoring the new technological tools. In the subtitle Variaciones sobre una cinegrafía intuida de José Val del Omar, we find the vertex and vortex of all of his filmography.

Vibración de Granada, José Val del Omar, Spain, 1935. 20', video
Tira tu reloj al agua (Variaciones sobre una cinegrafía intuida de José Val del Omar), Eugeni Bonet, Spain, 2003-2004. 91', 35 mm

With Eugeni Bonet and Gonzalo Sáenz de Buruaga.

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