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Xcèntric. CCCB’s cinema 2006-2007

Érik Bullot

With the attendance of Érik Bullot


Partial retrospective of French filmmaker Érik Bullot. His career to date comprises 18 very different films corresponding to the classifications of film diary, art house, poetic cinema, etc. In his own words: "I consider myself a geographer secretly attracted to exploration. My aim is to document the figures of emotion. To portray the first experience of vertigo. Of palpitation. The moment when the optical toy, possessed of a magical power, clicks. At this moment, play and thought merge: the emotion of the cinema is the intelligence of a machine."

In this session we will also be able to see his work on the change of format, the passage from silver nitrate to digital; the final work presented was even made with a mobile phone as an audiovisual instrument.

L'ébranlement, Érik Bullot, 1997, 4', 16 mm
Séchage, Érik Bullot, 1998, 10', colour, 16 mm
L'attraction universelle, Érik Bullot, 2000, 13', 16 mm
Le singe de la lumière, Érik Bullot, 2002, 23', 16 mm
Glossolalie, Érik Bullot, 2005, 26', video
Visible Speech, Érik Bullot, 2006, 9', video

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