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Emergència! 2015

Independent Music Festival

Music + Festivals

Emergència! festival appears with the aim to show a piece of the emerging scene for local, national and international artists. One of the firsts indispensable dates of the musical season of Barcelona that this year reaches its 7th edition.

The main characters this year will be Miraflores (Sevilla), The Parrots (Madrid), Flamaradas (Barcelona), Der Panther (Madrid), Hi Corea! (Sevilla), Karen Koltrane (Madrid), Resonance (Canary Islands), Ensemble Topogràfic (Barcelona) and Reverberation Radio Live Session (Los Angeles - USA). This edition, the festival adds a third stage.

Programme and schedule

18.00 Door opening
18.30 The Parrots - Hall
19.25 Flamaradas - Auditorium
20.20 Miraflores - Hall
21.15 Hi Corea! - Auditorium
21.30 Ensemble Topogràfic - Hall 2nd floor
22.15 Der Panther - Hall
23.10 Karen Koltrane - Auditorium
23.25 Resonance - Hall 2nd floor
00.15 Reverberation Radio Live Session - Hall

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