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Docúpolis 2008

8th Barcelona International Documentary Festival


The driving force of this year's festival are the diversity and quality of the almost 100 works submitted to the international competition for the best documentary, first work or documentary short-fresh, familiar, original stories that are striking in their intensity and freshness.

The Parallel Activities offer over 50 free screenings that acquaint us with the experiences and realities of other cultures, other ways of seeing the world.


Here, documentaries become a basic tool for revealing the difficulties of intercultural dialogue, and the ideal medium for social and political reflection and critique.

The festival will present a selection of documentaries that deal with intercultural dialogue together with debates and presentations that allow the people who worked on the documentaries to talk about the working process and express their opinions. It will be rounded off with a study of the following areas: cultural and artistic manifestations in different kinds of identities and traditions, social and political action in migratory processes, gender relations and different gender roles in cross-cultural work.

Directors: Hugo Salinas

This activity is part of Docupolis

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