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Xcèntric. 2009-2010




The last of the group sessions sets out to reflect on various aspects of the essence of the cinema, from reflection on the medium or the metacinematic essay (Lertxundi, León Siminiani, Rivera, De Pedro) to the blank screen (Casas Brullet), examining contacts with other arts such as dance (Marimón and Ramos), performance (Santos), photography (Lacuesta, Cosmen) and film poetry (Padrós). The result is a series of approaches that illustrate the different branches of the great tree that is the cinema.

Blanc Dérangé, Blanca Casas Brullet, 2008, video, 5 min. 16 sec.

Límites (1ª persona), Elías León Siminiani, 2009, video, 7 min. 45 sec.

Travelling, Lluís Rivera, 1972, video, 12 min.

Teoría de los cuerpos, Isaki Lacuesta, 2004, video, 4 min. 45 sec.

Figura, Gonzalo de Pedro, 2007, video, 2 min. 12 sec.

In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni, Jorge Cosmen, 2003, video, 9 min.

BiBiCi Story, Carles Durán, 1969, 35 mm, 8 min.

Farce Sensationelle!, Laida Lertxundi, 2004, 35 mm, 3 min. 10 sec.

In crescendo, Joan Marimón and Jesús Ramos, 2001, 35 mm, 6 min. 30 sec.

Ice Cream, Antoni Padrós, 1970, 35 mm, 8 min. 30 sec.

LA RE MI LA..., Carles Santos, 1979, 35 mm, 9 min.


With the presence of the filmmakers Joan Marimón and Antoni Padrós.


Participants: Joan Marimón, Antoni Padrós, Blanca Casas

Directors: Blanca Casas, Elías León Siminiani, Lluís Rivera, Isaki Lacuesta, Gonzalo de Pedro, Jorge Cosmen, Carles Durán, Laida Lertxundi, Joan Marimón, Jesús Ramos, Antoni Padrós, Carlos Santos

This activity is part of Xcèntric. Mai-June 2010, Xcèntric. 2009-2010

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