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Laboratory to envisage a festival of young thought

Courses and workshops

A group of 18 young people aged between 18 and 25 with diverse interests and training will come together to envisage a programme of thought that incorporates the approaches, reference points and concerns of young adults.

What would a festival of writing, thought and creation, designed, curated and managed by young people, be like? To answer this question, the CCCB and La Sullivan are launching “Ctrl+Z”, an initiative that is both a laboratory of ideas and a space for discussion and training around contemporary cultural creation and management.

Ctrl+Z” reflects two gestures that are intrinsic to youth. Firstly, the need to undo things and defend a new way of approaching them. And secondly, the desire to take control and make one’s own decisions.

Within the framework of this project, the group of young people will meet up at the CCCB over a period of four months to begin to envisage what a programme of thought might be like that incorporates the approaches, role models and concerns of young adults. The group will be an educational, creative and curatorial workshop all in one, accompanied by the cultural producer La Sullivan and in open conversation with a group of creators, programmers and thinkers from the city. Together, they will think up other forms and contents that will disrupt, shake and open up the CCCB to new perspectives and new ways of inhabiting cultural institutions.

Ctrl+ Z” is a project organised in response to the call for City of Barcelona Grants.

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