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Xcèntric. 11th season 2011-2012

Clip, Klapp, Bum. New forms of visual music


A programme created in collaboration with Animac, Lleida’s animated film festival, with pieces selected by the young Austrian curator Wiktoria Pelzer. “The title of the session is a reference to the 1987 book by Peter Weibel and Veruschka Bódys which explores video clips as a form of artistic expression. The session centres on the visualization of music in recent years, which have seen a whole range of different approaches worthy of consideration. After the legacy of McLaren, Ruttman, Fischinger and Lye, this selection shows that visual music still interests contemporary artists. It is no coincidence that most of these clips are animated, because animation as an art is capable of representing the imaginary (almost) without limits.”

Playtime, Steven Woloshen [music: Oscar Peterson], Canada, 2009, 4’; On the Motorway, Jul & Mat [music: Metronomy], Great Britain, 2010, 2’30”; Gridin’, Rogier van der Zwaag [music: Nobody Beats The Drum], Holland, 2010, 3’; Trois, quatre, Jean Patrice Blanc, (ENSAD), France, 2009, 3’; Dubus, Zelany Rashoho [music: Zelany Rashoho], Russia, 2008, 4’; Bagatelle I, schnellebuntebilder (Sebastian Huber, Robert Pohle, Johannes Timpernagel) [music: György Ligeti], Germany, 2011, 1’16”; Vergence, Tina Frank, Florian Hecker, Austria, 2010, 6’30”, Ariel, Marcus Wendt, Vera Glahn, [music: Stateless], UK/Germany, 2010, 3’31”; Insct, Johannes Timpernagel [music: Skyence], Germany, 2010, 2’28”, Transistor, Michaela Schwentner [music: Radian], Austria, 2000, 6’, The City, Dirk Koy [music: Five Years Older], Switzerland, 2010, 4’, Animals, Kristopher Störm [music: Minilogue], Sweden, 2008, 5’41”, Dynamite, Superelectric (Henk Loorbach) [music: Kraak & Smaak), 2010, 3’24”, Vanishing Point, Takuya Hosogane [music: cubesato], Japan, 2010, 2’, Tinamv 1, Adnan Popovic [music: Kilo], Austria, 2011, 4’.

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