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Xcèntric. 2007-2008

Celestial Times


From the exquisite formal experiments of Hollis Frampton, to the almost scientific observation of Stratman and Liotta's untiring explorations of the sky and the Earth, this series of works brings us to a time of history of knowledge, in which poetry and science formed part of the same kind of wisdom. In this way, the films of this session start from the poetic, cinema-art, to approach as artists the explorations of reality proposed by science.

Lemon, Hollis Frampton. USA, 7 min, 16 mm
On the Various Nature of Things, Deborah Stratman. USA, 25 min, 16 mm
Muktikara, Jeanne Liotta. USA, 1999, 11 min, 16 mm,
Observando el cielo, Jeanne Liotta. USA, 2007, 17 min, 16 mm (sound track by Peggy Ahwesh)

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