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Klub de lectura 2023/2024

"Brots de narcosocietat" by Fàtima Llambrich

Friends of the CCCB

Exclusive for Friends of the CCCB

Antonio Lozano proposes the reading of a first-rate journalistic investigation that addresses drug trafficking in Catalonia. We will count on the presence of the author, Fátima Llambrich.

Fàtima Llambrich (l'Ametlla de Mar, 1980) is a journalist, reports on judicial and police matters for TV3's Informatives, and co-authors investigative reports on the same channel's 30 minuts program.

Moderators: Antonio Lozano

This activity is part of Klub de lectura 2023/2024

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Klub de lectura 2023/2024

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