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Brain Film Fest

Brain Film Fest 2020

International Film Festival about the Brain

Audiovisuals + Festivals

Year three of the Brain Film Fest, an international film festival devoted to the brain and promoted by the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, with a programme of audiovisuals, debates and workshops that reflect on the illnesses affecting this organ and on its function as an accumulator of knowledge, memory and identity.

The human brain is the star and main protagonist of this film festival. It provides an opportunity to demonstrate and reveal this organ’s complexities - from its amazing capacities and conditions, to the diseases that threaten it. During a year which has truly put to the test the brain’s ability to adapt to an unexpected and dramatic reality, there has never been a better moment to really understand and take care of our brain.

The 2020 Brain Film Fest sheds light on exploring the brain through various optics. Whether it be from a personal or collective identity, or from the current body to future states. Come join us in better understanding this fascinating organ through films, virtual reality, photography, dance, theater, and science.

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