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Body: Sexual Identities in China

Conversation with Li Yinhe, Cui Zi’en & Dolors Miquel



Somewhere between the free market and state socialism, China is presently in a phase of vibrant transformation, in which the struggles for sexual freedom, debates on gender and homosexuality are evermore present in society. Two of the most prominent people giving voice to these issues, the sexologist Li Yinhe and the film maker Cui Zi’en, discuss the victories that have been won so far and the frictions arising in art and society. We shall contrast these viewpoints with that of the poet Dolors Miquel, who has incorporated into her work reflections on power, the genders, sexuality and eroticism in poetry and art.


Li Yinhe, Chinese sexologist and activist for sexual and gender rights
Cui Zi’en, film maker and novelist, a pioneer of Queer culture in China
Dolors Miquel, poet

Presented by: Manel Ollé, lecturer in History and Culture of Contemporary China at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona (UPF)

Presenters: Manel Ollé

Participants: Li Yinhe, Cui Zi’en, Dolors Miquel

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