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The Mask Never Lies

Body and movement within the exhibition spaces

With Maria Magdalena Garzon Torrandell


Training session aimed at professionals in social and educational action. No need to have artistic knowledge, just want to learn and experiment!

A training where we approach thought within an exhibition space through the body, based on the CCCB's exhibition "The mask never lies".

This workshop aims to be a practical approach, from the movement and expression of the body, to the research project on accessibility methodologies that we are developing at the CCCB.

From the transmission of specific experiences in accessibility for people with blindness or low vision, and from the training of Magdalena as pedagogue and creator in dance, we propose a shared practice that gives way to a multiple experience where the senses of the body are refined and conjugated in a personal poetics.

Therefore, we invite you to create a reflective, rigorous and committed work environment that allow the body to be actively incorporated into thought. Through the tuning of the senses and various somatic practices we relate to listening to our body, the environment and other bodies.

This activity is part of the program Educate with Art 2021-2022, by Apropa Cultura.

Participants: Maria Magdalena Garzon Torrandell

This activity is part of The Mask Never Lies

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