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Bed and Sofa (Tretya meshchanskaya)



Bed and Sofa (Tretya meshchanskaya)
Abram Room
1927, Soviet Union, 35 mm, 77 min, original version with subtitles (En-Cat), silent film with live music by Mamut Cinema

Volodia needs an apartment to get a job, so he moves in with his friend Kolia and Kolia’s wife, Liuda, at number 3 Meshchanskaia Street in Moscow (the address that gives the film its Russian title). The newcomer settles in on the sofa, but when Kolia goes away on a trip, Liuda and Volodia spend more time together and become much closer—so much so that when Kolia returns, Liuda has to decide who sleeps in the bed and who on the sofa.

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