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Ayudar al ojo humano

Session featuring a presentation by Velasco Broca



The priest played by Julián Génisson —one of the Spanish actors most convincingly to don a clerical collar— is the common denominator between the parts of this esoteric cocktail in which the mysteries of the universe and the labyrinths of faith find a strange common ground.

Presenting one of the most innovative offerings of today’s Spanish cinema. Directed by Velasco Broca and the Canódromo Abandonado collective, this feature is the product of joining together four short films with a common denominator: Father Julián. This parish priest is the great-great grandson of another priest who had a spell cast on him in India. Satan, gods, magicians and delinquents are some of the characters the priest will come across in his mission to preach the Christian faith. Nuestra amiga la luna (Velasco Broca, 2016, 15 min), Nuevo altar (Velasco Broca, 2017, 25 min), Dioses autonómicos (Julián Génisson, Lorena Iglesias and Velasco Broca, 2017, 22 min) and La enfermera atracadora (Julián Génisson, 2018, 18 min) are the four stories that combine different genres such as fantasy, horror, satire, TV series and offbeat humour, plunging the audience into a bizarre, dreamlike, violent world that is not so different to reality.


Ayudar al ojo humano
Velasco Broca, Julián Génisson and Lorena Iglesias
2017 / Spain / 80 min / Digital copy / Original version (Spanish)
Not recommended for children under the age of 12.

Feature film presentation with the filmmaker Velasco Broca at 21.30 h.

This activity is part of Quantum, Gandules'19, Gandules

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