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Xcèntric. 13th season 2013-2014

Arthur and Corinne Cantrill. Chromatic mysteries


Sharing a personal and artistic relation for over 40 years, Australians Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, with more than a hundred films to their names, are outstanding figures in the history of experimental cinema, as well as some of the most prolific. Their work spans a broad spectrum of forms and genres: expanded cinema, performance and sound art. This session presents some of the more habitual aspects of their film work: the study of formal possibilities of separating colours and an exploration of the Australian landscape. Manipulating the technical and material qualities of the cinema, the Cantrills transform the inherent colour of reality to create surprising views of the urban and the natural world.

The City of Chromatic Dissolution, 1998, 17 min; Notes on the Passage of Time, 1979, silent, 14 min; Waterfall,1984, 18 min; Warrah, 1980, 15 min; Island Fuse, 1971,16 mm, silent, 11 min; Home Movie. A Day in the Bush, 1969, 16 mm, 4 min; Studies in Image (De) Generation, 1975, silent, 10 min. [16 mm screening]

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