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AI: Artificial Intelligence

Amplified Imagination

Family workshop to co-create with AI facilitated by Urati Laboratori and Venus Villa

Family + Access

Have you ever wondered if AI can think? Have you ever interacted with AI? What happens if we collaborate with these machines to create art? A workshop to explore these possibilities (and any others you can imagine) by collaborating with a text AI app and an image AI app. The result of the workshop is a fanzine that you can take home with you!

We’ll be uniting our creativity with the capabilities of these AI apps to enter the world of collective creation. We set out to reflect on the AI that surrounds us, other intelligences, the materiality of AI and how it could change the world. Using our own imagination and taking advantage of the AI apps’ suggestions, we will turn these reflections into fanzines that combine manual techniques and the suggestions of ChatGPT and DALL·E.

Participants: Urati Laboratori, Venus Villa

This activity is part of AI: Artificial Intelligence

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