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Xcèntric 2018

Adam Curtis. A natural history of power. Session 9

The Century of the Self



Adam Curtis is the leading figure in contemporary audiovisual essay. His films and series, as lucid as they are revealing, show the operation of power, its winding architecture, and how it marks both present-day geopolitics and us.

Freud’s lessons about the unconscious reached the US transformed by one of his nephews, Edward Bernays, into tools for marketing and, to some extent, the rise of individualism. Another contemporary pioneer in public relations, the inventor and director of General Motors Charles Kettering, famously said: “The key to economic prosperity is the organized creation of dissatisfaction.”


The Century of the Self:

Episode 2: The Engineering of Consent, 2002, 60 min

Episode 3: There Is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads, He Must Be Destroyed, 2002, 60 min


This cycle, curated by Chema González, brings together almost the entire body of work of this English journalist and producer, re-editing the vast archives of the BBC. The films are screened in remastered copies accompanied by presentations and debates about Curtis’s work.

Directors: Adam Curtis

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