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Klub de lectura 2023/2024

"100 coses que cal saber sobre intel·ligència artificial” by Ramon López de Mántaras i Badia

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The session coordinated by Antonio Lozano, will have the presence of Ramon López de Mántaras i Badia, computer scientist and physicist, emeritus research professor of the Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) and pioneer in artificial intelligence research in Spain and author of the book 100 coses que cal saber sobre intel·ligència artificial ('100 things you need to know about artificial intelligence').

Artificial intelligence (AI) has fully entered our lives and has become a topical issue. There are, however, many aspects that are not always well explained or go unnoticed. The beginnings and ups and downs of its history are little-known aspects. There are very popular applications, but there are others of less media that are quite curious and surprising. We know that AI is already impacting our lives, but we still don't know to what extent it can change it for us.

The book is a faithful portrait of the real situation of AI where different topics related to intelligence are discussed artificial intelligence, from the beginnings to the most recent developments, emphasizing both technical and ethical limitations and the social impact it generates.

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Klub de lectura 2023/2024

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