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Alzheimer Programme

The CCCB’s Alzheimer Programme was created in October 2010 by a group of workers from the Centre with the aim of bringing art and culture closer to people suffering the initial stages of the disease, as well as for their carers and family members. It offers adapted visits to the CCCB’s exhibitions and organises a complementary set of activities.

Over the course of the ten years that the programme has been running, it has been shown to have made a positive impact on both the cognitive and emotional wellbeing of participants and on carers, family members, educators and the institution itself.

The programme’s offering is based on making visits adapted to the exhibitions. When a visit to an exhibition is not possible for any reason, we offer alternative activities: a cinema session at our auditorium with a selection of classical fragments of international and Spanish musical cinema or a full movie screening, a session on the history of the Casa de Caritat based on photographs by Brangulí or alternatively a short itinerary to get to know the CCCB’s surroundings. The activities are offered on demand and take place on Mondays. For more information, please contact the Education Service (

We try to carry out work in a network by contacting other institutions that offer cultural activities for people affected by Alzheimer and we work with the Diputació de Barcelona to encourage and help other cultural centres to implement activities along these lines.