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The Complete Letters

Filmed Correspondence

Sala Leopoldo Lugones (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The Theatre Complex of Buenos Aires and Argentina Film Foundation, with the support and collaboration of the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain, have organized a series "Filmed Correspondence - All cards"

Filmed Correspondence - All cards includes the entire exchange of letters between six couples filmed filmmakers. It is an experimental format for communication between managers who, despite being geographically distant territories, are united by a willingness to share ideas and reflections on their work as motivation.

Filmed Correspondence embody the exchange of ideas among six major filmed duos filmmakers: José Luis Guerin (Barcelona) and Jonas Mekas (New York), Isaki Lacuesta (Girona) and Naomi Kawase (Nara), Albert Serra (Banyoles) and Lisandro Alonso (Buenos Aires), Victor Erice (Madrid) and Abbas Kiarostami (Iran), Jaime Rosales (Madrid) and Wang Bing (Shaanxi), Fernando Eimbcke (Mexico City) and So Yong Kim (Pusan / New York).