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The Red Mirror

Singapore / ArtScience Museum

The exhibition Mars. The Red Mirror travels for the first time to the ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

From the 25th of November to the 7th of April, the original exhibition produced by the CCCB and curated by Juan Insua, can be experienced in a new adaptation and space.

The centre that is hosting the exhibition, the ArtScience Museum, is an iconic and innovative cultural centre with a mission to explore the intersections between art, science, technology and culture. Since its opening in February 2011, it has hosted retrospectives of great artists in history, as well as science exhibitions on different topics such as BigData, particle physics, palaeontology, marine biology, cosmology or space exploration.

As an adaptation of the 2011 exhibition, Mars. The Red Mirror, maintains the original narrative thread by broadening its perspective to include the evolution of the Asian continent's view of Mars over time. As such, more than 300 objects including books, sculptures, ancient artefacts, unique drawings, comics, films, collectors' items and even an authentic Martian meteorite will be on display, highlighting Asian narratives on Mars as well as striking artworks and installations by contemporary artists.

On the occasion of the inauguration, a symposium entitled Humanity Reimagined will be held on the 25th of November, with the participation of Judit Carrera, the director of the CCCB, the curator of the exhibition and director of the CCCB Lab Juan Insua, the curators of the Singapore adaptation Dimitris Kontopoulos, Chelsea Chye and Joshua Lau, Chelsea Chye and Joshua Lau, and other participants such as the artist and future astronaut Michael Najjar, Venzha Christ from the HONF Foundation and ISSS - Indonesia Space Science Society, Lynette Tan from Singapore Space & technology Limited, among others.

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