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Urban Nature

A walk-through film by Rimini Protokoll

“Urban Nature” is a work by Rimini Protokoll, co-produced with the Festival Grec 2021 of Barcelona with the Nationaltheater and the Kunsthalle of Mannheim that will present it in July 2022. An installation that stretches theatre beyond its límits and reworks its own technique of simultaneous performance: a temporary architecture, neatly fitted together, in which each visitor, almost in passing, becomes an actor for the other individuals present in the space.

In this world premiere of its latest performative installation, the collective turns the focus on life in cities and reopens the debate about the management of natural resources such as water, the right to decent housing, the expansion of new economies and work models, inequalities between neighbours and the way younger generations see the future of cities.

Back in 2017, in the framework of the exhibition “After the End of the World”, the CCCB and Rimini Protokoll co-produced win > < win, an interactive installation analysing the ability of jellyfish to survive in increasingly challenging natural circumstances. With “Urban Nature”, the CCCB has commissioned Rimini Protokoll and set designer Dominic Huber to produce a new project that rethinks audience interaction and the use of the digital in galleries, and highlights the more performative side of exhibitions.

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