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The CCCB seeks to promote a new sustainable culture that chimes with the current climate situation. This is why our activities comply with the requirements of the Emblem of Guarantee of Environmental Quality promoted and managed by the Catalan Government for products and services that meet specific environmental quality standards beyond those established as compulsory by current law. This involves introducing sustainability criteria into all the CCCB’s everyday activities and practices, encouraging sustainable behaviour among our staff, and telling our visitors about the benefits this brings.

The CCCB forms part of the Voluntary agreement programme for the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya government in 2010 by means of the Catalan Climate Change Office. The organizations that commit to the programme undertake to monitor their GHG emissions and annually establish measures to reduce them. The annual emissions reports are available for consultation below:

Inventory of GHG emissions 2022 (PDF)
Inventory of GHG emissions 2021 (PDF)

The CCCB also forms part of Barcelona+Sostenible, a network of over 1,000 organizations committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability, collectively building a city that is responsible to people and the environment. The network is made up of citizen organizations, business and commercial bodies, schools, universities, professional associations, trade unions and administrations. Each organization joins the Barcelona+Sostenible network by signing the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability 2012-2022 and helps to transform the city with its actions. The members of B+S implement sustainability measures within their organizations, share good practices and carry out projects with other members of the network.

The CCCB has been awarded the Biosphere Certified 2023 label. This certificate recognises good practices that guarantee sustainability and are committed to responsible, environmentally friendly management, culture, working conditions, gender equity, and social and economic return.

CCCB's Emblem of Guarantee of Environmental Quality (PDF)