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The New Networked Normal (NNN)

A partnership project on art, technology and citizenship in the age of the Internet

The New Networked Normal (NNN) is a partnership project between five leading arts organisations from across Europe in the field of contemporary culture and media arts: the CCCB, Abandon Normal DevicesThe Influencers, Transmediale and STRP. Between July 2017 and June 2019, NNN explores art, technology and citizenship in the age of Internet through a program of exhibitions, interventions, performances, conferences and workshops that take place in different media art festivals and institutions in Europe.

In a time of political uncertainty and rapid technological change, global events are disrupting our economic, cultural, social and geographical norms, bringing our ideals of citizenship, sovereignty and governance into question. New technologies, emerging communities and networks are acting as significant catalysts in this change, but they also offer new models and opportunities for how citizens can live, work and communicate. Through a programme of exhibitions, interventions, performances and workshops The New Networked Normal (NNN) interrogates technological infrastructures and the territories of exception which shape our economic and socio-political reality.

The CCCB participates in this project together with Abandon Normal Devices (UK), The Influencers (Barcelona), Transmediale (Germany) and STRP (the Netherlands), European festivals and artistic institutions with a rich history in fostering a critical understanding of contemporary culture and technology. With The New Networked Normal (NNN), the five partners collaborate inviting artists, agencies and citizens to feel inspired and empowered to debate and engage with contemporary and critical culture. This project has been co-funded with support from the Creative Europe programme.

NNN has a shared online platform between the five partners of the project: Between 2017 and 2019, it will develop into an online arts repository and shared online dissemination platform, bringing together new content and artistic commissions over this period. The platform is inspired by new networked geographies like duty-free art storage sites and free-trade zones, the darknet, and other liminal spaces, to ask what challenges and opportunities these spaces pose for anonymity, authorship, and autonomy. Built as an alternative space for the sharing and distribution of content, uses the backstreets, black markets, and divergent parts of the internet to share and debate the value of art. The platform was launched during Transmediale 2018, within the framework of the exhibition Territories of Complicity, a project of NNN, and is designed and developed by PWR studio.

Previous activities

The Influencers 2018

Unconventional Art, Guerrilla Communication, Radical Entertainment

Don’t Follow the Wind. A Walk in Fukushima

Installation at the CCCB

The Influencers 2017

Unconventional Art, Guerrilla Communication, Radical Entertainment

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