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Pantalla CCCB

Pantalla CCCB, a month an artist

“Pantalla CCCB, a month an artist” was presented as an audiovisual exhibition space in our building and, at the same time, a screen on our website: a space for contemplation, a window on the work of these creators, for discovery, knowledge and enjoyment. The CCCB choosed the creators, and they choosed the content to go on show. For a month, Pantalla CCCB offered a monographic showcase of each creator or collective of artists.


From November 2014 until January 2017, 23 creators and artistic collectives presented their work:

  • Los Ingrávidos 
  • Dostopos
  • Gerard Freixes
  • Florencia Aliberti 
  • No crèdit
  • Anita Serrano
  • Terrorismo de Autor
  • Michel Goossens
  • Greta Alfaro
  • David Ferrando
  • Roger La Puente
  • Jordi Díaz Fernánde
  • Vení
  • Laura F. Gibellini 
  • David Domingo (aka Stanley Sunday)  
  • Xiana Gómez-Díaz
  • Job Ramos
  • Irene Solà
  • Alberto Bougleux
  • Marla Jacarilla
  • Elisa Martínez & Co.
  • Jonathan Cremades
  • Mar Ordonez 

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Mar Ordonez interview

Photographer and audiovisual artist

Mar Ordonez was the outstanding artist of the project "Pantalla CCCB, a month, an artist" during December 2016 and January 2017. In this interview, the creator talks about her work and her artistic and literary influences, such as Man Ray or Samuel Beckett.

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Pantalla CCCB 2016, a month an artist. Mar Ordonez

Online and in-person video creation

Mar Ordonez (Palma, 13 February 1986) is a Barcelona-based artist who works with analogue photography and experimental video art. Principally known for portraying women from a singular viewpoint, her creations address issues such as identity, doubles and the body as a form of expression and language...

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