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Intelligent Coast International Symposium “TOURISM XXL. THE EUROPEAN MEGALOPOLIS”

Intelligent Coast is a center of research on coast and tourism. It aims to develop new qualified coast systems with the help of thinkers and experts coming from different fields.


The International Symposium Intelligent Coast [IC] invites thinkers, businessmen and politicians to debate about new models of development for coastal territories, as a privileged land of tourist economy and new society.

The debate focuses on an emergent European phenomenon, the Spanish Mediterranean coast is going to be next future the first European megalopolis, comparing with Tokyo, Mexico City and Shanghai.
The Symposium is organized over 3 days, when it will be possible to attend lectures, dialogs and round tables between experts, politicians and directors of private companies directly involved in the tourist market and coast development.

Intelligent Coast leads a Master Program, a series of Debates and an International Symposium “Tourism XXL. The European Megalopolis”.

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