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InnMotion 2007

IV International Biennial of Performance and Visual Arts applied to Reality

The programme includes live art, performance, multimedia, installations, visual theatre, events in public places, contemporary dance, actions, and DJ sessions.

InnMotion has succeeded in winning over a new audience that has turned its back on empty entertainment and which feels at home in the festival’s atmosphere. The layout of the stages and installations creates a circuit in which audiences can participate in different vibes and sensations.

Quality, compromise, experimentation, surprises and fun... The key concepts behind the InnMotion programme can be defined as follows: Quality: an artistic endeavour which successfully communicates with the public. Compromise: art which is born out of critical intervention in contemporary issues. Experimentation: the essential artistic impulse. Surprise: the inevitable result of researches into new means of expression. Fun: an essential part of InnMotion, a festival which aims to create both the stimulus and the tools for change out of intelligent entertainment.

The diversity of the events means the programme is designed to create a dynamic rhythm. In a way, InnMotion is conceived as a performance of performances.

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InnMotion 2007


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