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Bivac 2022

Festival of Young Thinking and Creation

Bivac is a new small-format festival of thinking and creation conceived by a group of sixteen young people from Barcelona. It brings together some of the most original and critical young voices in literature, thought, music, dance, and performance.

It aims to be a shelter, a temporary camping place, a meeting point for thinking together about how we can—if we can—inhabit a world in a state of emergency. What refuges must we construct to protect ourselves from the elements?

Bivac es un project from CCCB, La Sullivan and a group of young producers. Participants of the first Edition: Rita Trias, Alba Noguera, Víctor Pérez-Pallarès, Jun Komura, Miquel Rosselló, Luca Calderó, Mireia Molina, Sergio Calo, Sarah Bonhomme, Laia Folch, Ria Dueñas, Cecília Navarro, María Valcárcel, Elisa Menéndez, Javi Maravall and Elena Tous.

Graphic design and Communication: Luca Calderó, Víctor Pérez-Pallarès, Ria Dueñas, María Valcárcel, Jun Komura, Mireia Molina and Alba Noguera. Production and Editing of sound pieces: Víctor Pérez-Pallarès, Rita Trias, Laia Folch and Mireia Molina.

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Dramatic reading of an epistolary exchange between a writer and a filmmaker, accompanied by music, a dance piece and visuals.

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Bivac. Correspondences

With Clara Roquet, Pol Jiménez, Mans O and Aixa de la Cruz

Bivac. Celebration of an Ending

With Alba Rihe and Wekaforé

Bivac. Encounter under the Elements

With Míriam Hatibi, Bittah, Carme Arcarazo, Gemma Ferreón, Yaiza Berrocal, Cristina Daura, Elisa Levi, Meryem El Mehdati, Personaje Personaje, Oyirum and Març Llinàs

Bivac. Camp

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