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Visions urbanes / Visiones urbanas

Europa 1870-1993: la ciutat del artista, la ciutat de l´arquitecte / Europa 1870-1993: la ciudad del artista, la ciudad del arquitecto


A comparative overview of the contemporary metropolis in the form of the differing but complementary approaches of the foremost artists and architects between 1870 and 1993.

Exhibition catalogue co-produced with the Centre Georges Pompidou, including 150 articles by various authors.

Authors: Didier Schulmann, Françoise Choay, Daniel Soutif, Marcel Roncayolo

Publication year: 1994

Pages: 472

Dimensions: 21 × 30 cm.

Images in B/W and colour: 576

978-84-8156-054-1 (català)
978-84-8156-053-4 (castellano)


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