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116. Braiding

Saints, weird, mestizas

Breus — n. 116

Spanish , English 12€

Gabriela Wiener

My sisters / Brown bitches / Loveless creatures / Dispossessed by our own hand / We strip ourselves of everything / Preventively

Cristina Wiener

We see the state in the walls, / tax collectors, and officials. / Hunger. / Malnutrition. We feel the state / in slavery

Lina Maruane

Womanhood is not / being a body / having a body / losing a body


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Authors: Gabriela Wiener, Cristina Rivera Garza, Lina Meruane

Publication year: 2024

Pages: 176

Dimensions: 12,5 cm × 17 cm cm.

978-84-09-60690-0 (Castellano / English)


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