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109. El que no està dibuixat / That Which Is Not Drawn

William Kentridge (interviewed by Gemma Parellada)

Breus — n. 109

Catalan , English 8 €

The South African artist William Kentridge does not trust those who blindly embrace their own certainties without considering doubts and paradoxes. Ambiguity and contradictions are at the center of his work, which has grown and transformed at the pace of multifaceted South Africa. In September 2020, the journalist Gemma Parellada interviewed William Kentridge in his Johannesburg studio on the occasion of the exhibition the artist was preparing for the CCCB. Kentridge spoke about segregation, the repercussions of colonialism and the anti-racist struggle, imbalances and abuses of power, privilege and the role of art in rethinking dominant narratives.

Publication year: 2022

Pages: 60

Dimensions: 12,5 × 17 cm.

978-84-09-45924-7 (català-anglès)


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