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105. Rimini Protokoll, escultors del temps / Sculptors of Time

Andreu Gomila

Breus — n. 105

Catalan , English 10 € Buy

Based on the premise "There is no show without audience", the members of the Rimini Protokoll collective have for years radically changed  the way of understanding the theater. Except for the audience, considered a "partner", they practice nothing more of what is considered to be the conventional theater. Decades ago, they brought reality to the stage and eliminated architecture from theatrical action. They are considered classics in the use of new formats: they work to bring people together and to talk about being together.

“Reality has entered the scene strongly. And when I say ‘reality’ I don’t mean the news of the day, but the people on the street. The Rimini Protokoll lead them both two and a half decades ahead.”

Authors: Andreu Gomila

Publication year: 2021

Pages: 56

Dimensions: 13 × 17 cm.



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