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CINEMA AGAINST THE TIDE: LATIN AMERICA AND SPAIN. Congress and Cycle of Experimental Film

Dialogues, Confluences, Divergences… in the last 80 years.

A congress about experimental film on both sides of the Atlantic, with debates, talks and workshops that set out to explore the past, present and future of the least conventional Latin American work. The congress also includes the official presentation of the travelling film cycle of the same name, with the presence of the advisors who helped to put it together.

As a continuation of the research carried out for the travelling film program FROM ECSTASY TO RAPTURE. 50 years of the other Spanish cinema, SEACEX and the CCCB present CINEMA AGAINST THE TIDE: LATIN AMERICA AND SPAIN. Dialogues, confluences, divergences… in the last 80 years. This aim of this initiative is to disseminate the experimental film of Latin America and Spain, highlighting similarities and tensions between works produced in such distant geographical parts.

As a framework and starting signal for the project, the CCCB hosts the congress CINEMA AGAINST THE TIDE: LATIN AMERICA AND SPAIN, which will be attended by specialists, authors and filmmakers of the stature of Narcisa Hirsch, Ximena Cuevas, Jorge La Ferla, Arlindo Machado, Jesse Lerner, Tomàs Pladevall, Alfonso del Amo and Juan José Mendy, among others.

As well as talks and round tables, Lourdes Villagómez will be organizing the experimental animation workshop “Thirst for Repetition” and the Cuban editor Nelson Rodríguez will give a masterclass.

Throughout the congress, we will be connected with arts centres in Latin America, which will take a live, active part by means of the Anilla Cultural Latinoamericana network.

This will also be the framework for the presentation of the second international outing of Xcèntric: the program of CINEMA AGAINST THE TIDE: LATIN AMERICA AND SPAIN. Dialogues, confluences, divergences… in the last 80 years. This film cycle comprises 60 films, divided into six sessions that establish dialogues between the best in experimental film from both sides of the Atlantic.

This new programme will be recorded in a catalogue in DVD format published by Cameo, taking a look at 80 years of experimental output in Latin America.

Free admission to the Congress.


Head curator at the CCCB:
Antoni Pinent

Advisory curators:
Angélica Cuevas Portilla (Cuba, Mexico and Peru)
Rubén Guzmán (Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay)
Marta Lucía Vélez (Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela)

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