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Wooky & Videocratz

Albert Salinas Claret, known as Wooky, broke into Barcelona’s electronic music scene with the release of the EP The Ark [Lapsus Records, 2010]. After signing with prestigious label spa.RK, the release of his debut LP Montjuïc in 2014 sparked the interest of the music press and secured him a place in the line-up of major national and international festivals and in the last edition of the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp.

Wooky is co-director of the multidisciplinary platform Lapsus (festival, radio programme, and record label), and collaborates with Videocratz (Miki Arregui) on the visual side of the project. A mix of improvisation, recorded material, and cutting-edge animations turn their AV set into a story with a unique and powerful narrative.

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Programme of activities and award ceremony of the Cultural Innovation International Prize 2014-2015