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Will Kymlicka

Professor of Political Philosophy at Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada, he is one of the most internationally influential political scientists, in particular because of his research into ethnic problems and multicultural coexistence. In this area of his work he has written Multicultural Citizenship: A Liberal Theory of Minority Rights (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995), which has been published in Catalan as Ciutadania multicultural: una teoria dels drets de les minories (Proa, 1999) and is an essential text on the philosophical basis of multicultural policies. Also notable among his publications are States, Nations and Cultures: Spinoza Lecture 1 (Van Gorcum, 1997), published in Spanish as Estados, naciones y culturas (Editorial Almuzara, 2004), his chapter “Territorial Boundaries: A Liberal Egalitarian Perspective” in the book Boundaries and Justice: Diverse Ethical Perspectives (2001, eds. David Miller; Sohail Hashmi Publisher, Princeton University Press), published in Spanish as Fronteras territoriales: una perspectiva liberal igualitaria (Editorial Trotta, 2005) and Multicultural Odysseys (Oxford University Press, 2007, published in Spanish as Las odiseas multiculturales, Paidós, 2009). Recently his study on animal rights has led to the publication of Zoopolis: A Political Theory of Animal Rights (2013, co-authored with Sue Donaldson, Oxford University Press), which is published in Spanish as Zoópolis, una revolución animalista, (errata naturae, 2018). In this work the limits of the concept of citizenship are questioned in order to include animals, and new forms of coexistence between animals and humans are described.

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Animal Rights: The End of Human Supremacy