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Wendy Delorme

Writer, actress, and activist

She is writer, actress, and activist. Throughout her work Delorme has critically analysed gender and the heteropatriarchy and explored, by means of autofiction, sexual feminism, queer activism, and sexual identity. She has published several novels, among them her first work, Quatriènne Génération (Grasset, 2007), an autobiographical tale which is also considered to be a queer feminist manifesto, Insurrections! En territoire sexual (Au Diable Vauvert, 2009), La Mère, la sainte et la putain (Au Diable Vauvert, 2012), and Le Corps est une chimère (Au Diable Vauvert, 2018), a choral novel in which several stories intersect as they reflect on oppression of bodies. As an actress, she has performed in numerous European festivals of queer theatre, using the artistic names Wendy Babybitch and Klaus Engel, and she has worked with several companies of burlesque theatre including The Kisses Cause Trouble, The Drag King Fem Show, and The Filles de Joie Cabaret. With a PhD in Information Sciences and Communication, she is also a lecturer at the University of Lyon 2. Her latest book Viendra le Temps du Feu (Cambourakis, 2021), is a choral story about the emancipation of bodies, the spirit of revolt and sisterhood.

Update: 21 December 2020


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